Richard Alan Dumais


I’m a Christian who spreads God’s message of salvation through music. I have no formal musical training and consider myself an electronic music hobbyist. I am not necessarily an enthusiast of electronic music, but it gives a single person the ability to create very complex musical sound without the usual mastery. The main impetus to my music – what God laid on my heart – was to share the Christian message with family and friends who have not come to know Christ as their personal savior. My wife Susan and I reside in Dallas, Texas.

Original Albums

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My God Heaven Extreme Dark
Extreme Light
Self Imagery
2013 2012 2011 2010

Home Studio

Building your own home studio will require a modest investment, but compared to prices for hardware and software a few short decades ago, you get a lot of crankin’ bang for your buck. This short video explains how I set up my modest and relatively inexpensive studio. The steepest learning curve is experimenting with the digital audio software. The process will take time and patience. If you’ve never worked with a music sequencing software program, which is the heart of the digital audio workstation (DAW), be prepared to spend some time mastering the minutia. The market is fairly saturated with choices for plug-in software, virtual instruments, interface components . . . .but don’t fret. I was once tossed about by the sea of choices before I got started. I am much wiser and further along than I imagined I would be after just a few years of tinkering, minimal training, and minor investment. I’m just a hobbyist doing this part-time, at best.

The key is being passionate about music, more specifically, your music!

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